USATF Nebraska Association Youth Scholarship

To: Scholarship Applicants

Thanks for your interest in pursuing a Nebraska Association Scholarship. Please review the qualifications and if you meet the requirements, submit an application.

Please provide the required information and return your materials to your team’s head coach for selection by your own team’s scholarship committee. Once the application package is reviewed, and if you are selected as the final candidate for the scholarship the packet must be submitted by your team’s head coach or designee by the established deadline of Sunday, December 1. The application will then be approved by the scholarship committee of the Nebraska Association of USATF. If any details or requirements of the scholarship application are in question, the Nebraska USATF Scholarship Committee will make final judgments and rulings on those questions from year to year prior to awarding the scholarship.

Good luck in your pursuit of scholarship opportunities! We hope to be able to assist you in your pursuit of higher education. Hopefully you will be part of our team of scholarship recipients this year. The announcement of recipients will be made at the annual youth banquet in January.

Actual monetary awards will be distributed by the Nebraska Association once full time registration into your selected educational institution is verified by Nebraska Association of USATF via the submission of official registration and class scheduling documents.

#1. Complete applications and submit to your team coach for initial selection
#2. Teams must submit to NE USATF for final selections before the final deadline of December 1 each year
#3. NE USATF will announce winners at the Annual Youth Banquet each year
#4. Awards will be mailed once entry into college is verified.

Return scholarship applications to:
Keith Harris
4320 N 150th Ave
Omaha NE 68116

If you have questions, please call or e-mail Keith at (402) 677-8063 or

(posted October 4, 2019)