USATF’s new Coaching Education standard information

From the national office…

The education standard is not intended to be prohibitive of operating a USATF club, but striving to complete an accepted course of education is certainly encouraged. Clubs must still be SafeSport trained and pass a background screen to operate. However the education standard will only come into play should they need a credential at a USATF championship. For youth championships, the following policy will apply below.

Youth Coach Credentials
In addition to the mandates outlined herein, eligibility to receive a “Coach Credential” at USATF Youth Championships (Association/Region/National), the following criteria must be adhered to:
– Education Standard deadline for National Youth Indoor Meet is February 28th of each year.
– Education Standard deadline for Youth Outdoor Championship and JO (Association/Region/National) is June 15th of each year.
– Coach must be listed on the Youth Club profile in addition to the Coaches Registry list. Background Screening and SafeSport will be verified by listing on Youth Club profile.

Credential allocation will be as follows:
– 3 credentials per Club (Coach(es) must be listed on the Coaches Registry)
– 1 credential (after initial 3) per 10 athletes for clubs that have 100 or more athletes registered in that event. (Coach(es) must be listed on the Coaches Registry).

Hope this information clarifies and will be received well.

Matt Rohlf
Coaching Programs Manager
130 E. Washington St. Suite 800
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Please contact USATF Nebraska coaches chair Jon McClung for more information.

(posted January 29, 2019)