Officials Information

Minimum requirements to be a certified USATF official in the Nebraska Association of USA Track & Field have been in place since 2004.

NEW – Each certification level is subject to review each Olympiad. Officials inactive or minimally active during the previous Olympiad may have a specific skill area or their entire certification level reduced by one level.

No matter what level you’re applying for, you have to pass the test, fill out an application and pay $35 to Nebraska Association USATF once per Olympiad. The current one is 2017-2020, so if you haven’t done these things the past two years, chances are your certification has expired.

You also need to be a USATF member each year and must have a 2018 membership before officials chair Mike Maryott can get you certified. Here’s what is required to be certified at each level:

Association Level:
– Attend yearly clinic
– Officiate a minimum of two meets per year (USATF, high school, NCAA)
National Level:
– Attend yearly clinic
– Be an association-level official for a minimum of two years (subject to review, if outstanding official)
– Officiate a minimum of four meets per year
– Include resume from previous two years (USA, high school, NCAA)
Master Level:
– Attend and participate in clinics yearly
– Be a national level officials for a minimum of two years (subject to review, if outstanding official)
– Officiate a minimum of six meets per year
a. Any and all levels (USA, high school, NCAA)
b. Should be a chief judge at 25 percent of meets worked
– Two letters of recommendation from meet directors or head officials
– Resume from previous three years

Please visit the Web site for applications and test under resources for officials. To get the USATF membership, go to the Membership section of this Web site and click become a member on left hand side.

Send your application, appropriate paperwork for level request, a picture (unless we have picture on file) and current USA membership to association officials chair Mike Maryott at You can also contact Mike at that address for additional information.

For more officials information, please visit this page on the USATF national web site:—/-groups-officials-.aspx

SafeSport offers training regarding misconduct in sport and the measures we can all take to protect athletes. Learning about the six types of misconduct is an important step to recognize, reduce and respond effectively to inappropriate and potential harmful behavior.

Many meets are still looking for officials this spring and summer. A list can be found on line at—/-groups-officials-/Applications.aspx.

The 2018 USATF Rule Book has been uploaded to the USATF website in PDF format. The softcover version is scheduled for an early February release.

USATF officials newsletters can be found here.