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Recertification Guidelines for All Current Level 1 Coaches Before December 31, 2020 Expiration

All current Level 1 coaches are certified with USATF through December 31, 2020. The qualifying period for a current Level 1 certification is course completion from January 1, 2013-December 31, 2020. For coaches who choose not to seek a Level 2 certification before December 31, 2020, the options below apply to extend your Level 1 certification through the next Olympic Quad, 2021-2024.

Options to recertify are the following, choose one:

Option 1: Renewal certification earned by completing ONE course offered on USATF CAMPUS, from January 1, 2018-December 31, 2020.

Option 2: Renewal certification earned by completing ONE Event Skill Specialist certificate (i.e. Learn By Doing Clinic or Cross Country Specialist Course), from January 1, 2018-December 31, 2020.

Option 3: As of January 1, 2020-December 1, 2020, register for the online recertification exam to retest on the methodology and content of the Level 1 textbook, “Track & Field Coaching Essentials.”

A recertification application will be available in the last 12 months of the current certification period in which the coach will fill out with USATF membership number, coach profile, and the chosen option from one of the three above. After submission to the National Office coaching department, the option will be verified via the coach education databases and certification issued with an updated Level 1 certificate through 2024.

All offerings of courses or clinics available can be located on the Calendar of Schools.

Level 1 certification issued prior to December 31, 2012 are no longer current, and coaches will need to register and attend a Level 1 school.

Level 2 or 3 certified coaches are exempt from needing any recertification to maintain a current coach certification with USATF.

USATF Nebraska Coaches Chair Update 10/16/2018

USATF Nebraska Coaches Chair Update 6/18/2018

USATF Nebraska Coaches Chair Update 1/4/2018

There is new information regarding the educational requirements for the coaching registry. For more information, e-mail Jon McClung.

(posted January 5, 2018 — updated October 17, 2018)