USATF Nebraska 100 Mile Trail Championship – Crown of the Crest: 100 MILE, LUCKY 13, MARATHON, HALF

April 21, 2024

Announcing the 2024 USATF Nebraska 100 Mile Trail Championship – Crown of the Crest: 100 MILE, LUCKY 13, MARATHON, HALF

USATF Nebraska and the Greater Omaha Area Trail Runnerz (GOATz) are proud to present the Crown of the Crest at Calvin Crest in Fremont Nebraska. The Double Crown Challenge: a full marathon on Saturday, starting at 6:00 am and a half marathon on SUNDAY (May 26th), starting at 7:00 am.

On Saturday, May 25th at 6:00 am, runners will embark on their marathon and 100 miler! This is a 10 mile per loop course (marathons will do twice, with an additional 6.2) which makes it simple if you are planning to do this solo or have full crew/pacers. The half marathon will be on SUNDAY at 7:00 am. The 100-mile runners will have 32 hours to complete the distance, for a final cut-off time of 2 pm on Sunday, May 26th. All distance must be done by 2:00 pm on Sunday. For those who wish to join in on the fun but perhaps do not have running 100 miles in their plans, we have a totally unique, Lucky 13-hour event for you. Starting at 1:00 am on Sunday, May 26th, you will embark on your 13-hour run and give new energy to those 100-mile runners who are still on course! For this distance, you will simply run as many loops as you can in 13 hours.

Race Info

There will be a mandatory prerace briefing 10 minutes before the start of every individual race. Runners will be able to pick up their packets up to 90 minutes before race start. Drop bags are allowed. There will be a fully stocked and manned aid station located at the Start/Finish, as well and an unmanned water stop on the course which runners will pass twice per loop. There will be swag for all runners. The winners will be awarded the Crown of the Crest for the hundred, and similar for the Lucky 13.


There is absolutely NO ALCOHOL allowed on the property at Calvin Crest. Calvin Crest is an alcohol-free facility and we will respect their rules. If ANYONE is seen with alcohol, they will be asked to leave the race entirely. Any runner seen drinking alcohol or with alcohol will be disqualified from the race immediately. Smoking is not allowed at Calvin Crest at any time. Pacers are allowed after 50 miles of the course is complete for the 100 milers. Pacers are allowed after sun up for the Lucky 13. Runners must start at the designated starting time for the event they have entered.

Course Info

Located just southwest of Fremont, NE, Calvin Crest is a single track loop located on the bluffs of the Platte River with a distance of approximately 10 miles per loop. There is an estimated 900 feet in elevation gain and 1,400 feet of max elevation. The trail starts at the top of the bluff and rolls down and up into the center spine of cedars. Calvin Crest is like a roller coaster in some spots and has some pretty tough climbs out there. Expect switchbacks and roots as the trail can be technical in some areas during the loop. This area is very scenic and cuts through a bluff on the Platte River.

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