2016 Youth Track & Field/Cross Country Awards Banquet

2016 USA Track & Field Nebraska Association
Youth Track & Field/Cross Country Awards Banquet
DC Centre Banquet Facility11830 Stonegate Drive, Omaha
Sunday, January 22, 2017 – 2:00 p.m.

To get a full banquet program with athlete bios in a .pdf by e-mail, contact Darwin.

Award criteria

Questions? E-mail Darwin.

Athletes’ names listed from left to right. Click on a picture to see a larger image.

Special Recognition Presentation
Association president Rubin Carter, Association youth chair TammyRa’ Jackson, recipient John Wissler

IAAF World Youth Team Member
Kelly and Lisa Gochenour (accepting for recipient Katelyn Gochenour), presenter Keith Harris

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team
8 & Under Girls: Navaeh Brye, MaLea Robinson, Evangaline Scheef

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team
9-10 Girls: Katharine Beachler, Tyonna Jackson, Ahnica Russell-Brown, Sophia Scott, Imani Skanes, Jordyn Wissing

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team
11-12 Girls: Evelyn Fixley, Aaliyah Franklin, Parker Harrell, Taylor McKesson, Ka’Leah Mynster, Sydney Stodden, Jessica Wynne

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team
13-14 Girls: Lindsey Blehm, Dajaz Defrand, Lauren Harris, Kaitlin Hellbusch, Ra’Quel Holt, Grace Lamski, Sara Lindgren, Nisa Thomas, Lanaija Woodfolk

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team
15-16 Girls: Hope Buescher, Kiara Hobson, Lauren Richter, Bethany Vawter, Sydney Yudelson

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team
17-18 Girls: Chaniya Alioth, Kennedy Gochenour, Autumn Jontz, Haley Miller

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team
8 & Under Boys: Leo Cauble, David Krier, Jackson Scheef

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team
9-10 Boys: Burton Bosan Jr., Jamar Carson, Jack Cole, Donald Defrand Jr., Kayd Matthews, Jackson McClung

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team
11-12 Boys: Jessie Cauble, Devon Jackson, William Kyle III, Jaylen Lloyd, Jaymes Sizer, Thomas Vasquez, Joseph Volkmer

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team
13-14 Boys: Tyler Brown, Jaiden Long, Reid Nelson, Xzavier Reed, Tyler Wilson

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team
15-16 Boys: Ian Brown, Will Gray, Zachary Hangman, Noah Keuck, Jarrett Proby, Marcus Vaughn-Jones

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team
17-18 Boys: Preston Cuddy, Andy Vasquez

National Junior Olympic Relay Medalists
8 & Under Girls 4×100 meter relay, 8th place: Celess Johnson, MaLea Robinson, Meshah Robinson

National Junior Olympic Relay Medalists
11-12 Boys 4×100 meter relay, 4th place: J’dyn Bullion, Devon Jackson, Jaylen Lloyd

Junior Olympic Track & Field Athletes of the Year
9-10 Boys Rowdy Bauer, 13-14 Boys Kaedon Thurman, 15-16 Boys Chase Berry, 17-18 Girls Emilee Shostrom

New Association Record Holders
8 & Under Girls: Nevaeh Brye, Celess Johnson, MaLea Robinson, Meshah Robinson, Evangaline Scheef

New Association Record Holders
8 & Under Girls Evangaline Scheef, 8 & Under Boys Jackson Scheef, 8 & Under Boys Leo Cauble, 8 & Under Boys David Krier, 8 & Under Boys Nathaniel Scheef

New Association Record Holders
13-14 Girls Dajaz Defrand, 8 & Under Girls Nevaeh Brye, 13-14 Girls Lauren Harris, 8 & Under Boys Eli Shada, 17-18 Boys Andy Vasquez, 15-16 Boys Chase Berry

All-Nebraska Cross Country Team
8 & Under Girls Gracie Kreutz, 8 & Under Boys David Krier, 9-10 Girls Jordyn Wissing, 9-10 Boys Jack Cole, 11-12 Girls Cameron Adams, 11-12 Boys Joseph Volkmer, 13-14 Girls Lilly Brophy, 13-14 Boys Ryan Zavadil, 15-16 Girls Abby Volkmer

Only award-winning athletes and association officers, plus their guests, are invited to attend.
Track & field forms       Cross country forms
Award recipients are asked to complete their corresponding forms and return it, along with a picture (school pictures work best), to Darwin for inclusion in the banquet program.
Purchase banquet tickets
If you don’t know the password, e-mail Darwin.
Ticket sales close at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, January 15.
Athletes attending (as of 1/20):
Cameron Adams (4)
Chaniya Alioth (1)
Rowdy Bauer (8)
Katharine Beachler (3)
Chase Berry (3)
Lindsey Blehm (2)
Burton Bosan Jr. (2)
Lilly Brophy (4)
Ian Brown (1)
Tyler Brown (3)
Nevaeh Brye (7)
Hope Buescher (1)
Jamar Carson (2)
Jessie Cauble (3)
Leo Cauble (1)
Jack Cole (2)
Preston Cuddy (3)
Donald Defrand Jr. (2)
Dajaz Defrand (2)
Aaliyah Franklin (17)
Cale Frazier (3)
Kennedy Gochenour (3)
Will Gray (3)
Zachary Hangman (4)
Parker Harrell (4)
Lauren Harris (3)
Kaitlin Hellbusch (2)
Kiara Hobson (3)
Ra’Quel Holt (2)
Devon Jackson (3)
Tyonna Jackson (2)
Celess Johnson (3)
Autumn Jontz (1)
Noah Keuck (3)
Gracie Kreutz (4)
David Krier (3)
William Kyle III (5)
Grace Lamski (2)
Sara Lindgren (3)
Jaylen Lloyd (4)
Jaiden Long (1)
Kayd Matthews (7)
Jackson McClung (4)
Taylor McKesson (4)
Haley Miller (4)
Ka’Leah Mynster (4)
Reid Nelson (3)
Jarrett Proby (3)
Xzavier Reed (2)
Lauren Richter (4)
MaLea Robinson (2)
Meshah Robinson (2)
Ahnica Russell-Brown (3)
Evangaline Scheef (4)
Jackson Scheef (1)
Nathaniel Scheef (1)
Sophia Scott (2)
Eli Shada (8)
Emilee Shostrom (2)
Jaymes Sizer (4)
Imani Skanes (4)
Sydney Stodden (5)
Nisa Thomas (2)
Kaedon Thurman (4)
Andy Vasquez (2)
Thomas Vasquez (1)
Marcus Vaughn-Jones (4)
Bethany Vawter (2)
Abby Volkmer (1)
Joseph Volkmer (2)
Tyler Wilson (6)
Jordyn Wissing (3)
Lanaija Woodfolk (2)
Jessica Wynne (2)
Sydney Yudelson (5)
Ryan Zavadil (4)
(76 of 103 award recipients, number of people in party in parentheses)
Association officers/coaches attending
DaRion Archie (1)
Nesi Ballew (1)
Rubin Carter (1)
Cindy DeSantiago (2)
Patrick Grosserode (1)
Darwin & Tricia Gushard (2)
Keith Harris (1)
TammyRa’ Jackson (1)
Dusty Jonas (1)
Bianca Mata (1)
Patty Mata (1)
Shunta Paul (5)
Suzie Pierce (1)
Scot Rainbolt (1)
Erica Sousek (1)
Tony Welchen (1)
Ruth White (1)
John Wissler (1)
All-Nebraska Track & Field Team nomination form .doc .pdf
(For club coach use only. Nominations due Saturday, December 3.

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team nominations received from (as of 12/26):
Apollo Track ClubBellevue BreezeBoys & Girls Club Jaguars
Cornhusker FlyersLincoln Community T.C.Lincoln Youth Track Club
Midwest StridersNorth Omaha BengalsOmaha Racers
Peak PerformanceWahoo Track ClubWest Omaha Track Club
Wings of Omaha

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